3 Steps To Updating your Home

In several of our other articles, we’ve talked about decorating your home with framed art. While we those articles talked more about what prints to use, we’re going to focus on how to update your home and where framed art comes into place.

1. GETTING STARTED Updating a home is no joke, it takes time and patience. But doing it right is more than important in order to get it looking up to date. Therefore, let’s look at the basics and steps to getting your updated in no time.

First things first, your furniture. This is something you’re going to want to take into consideration. We both know furniture pieces get outdated quickly, so think about swapping your old sofa for a new one, or switching to new lampstands, coffee tables, and so on.

TIP: Make sure your new furniture pieces go with your home’s style.

2. CREATING YOUR NEW LOOK Once you know exactly how your room or home is going to look its time to decorate it. Creating a new look is not as difficult as you might think. Simple items like pillows, rugs, plants and an accent chair will create a whole new ambiance. Thereafter, the fun begins.

3. THE ART Using framed art is crucial to updating your home. Why? Because while art has no expiration date, frames do. Art is timeless but unfortunately the frame molding gets outdated with time. If your home was previously a 90s wallpaper attraction, then there’s a huge chance your art was framed with sixteenth century gold styled molding. Yeah… throw that out, unless you swap your molding out. Other than that, get new framed art! Look at our collections for ideas and styles to match your awesome home!

WHAT WE OFFER Our collections are tied to a certain style of home, therefore it’s easy for you to shop. Some of our styles include abstract, modern & contemporary, traditional, floral, tropical and much more!

Take a look at our collections and see which one matches your home!

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