10 Creative Ways to Display Wall Art in Your Home

Once you’ve found the perfect art pieces for your house, the next step is hanging and displaying them. While standard hanging techniques look great and work well, it’s always a good idea to mix things up and spice up your decor by utilizing a few alternative techniques with more flair. The different ways you can display art are almost as variable and endless as the number of different art styles, so don’t fall into the trap of displaying all of your wall art the same way!

Your house should provide an art experience where the guest or viewer is immersed in the art, rather than simply viewing it. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating a few different display techniques for your favorite pieces, which makes them stand out, adds a professional touch, and will take your interior design to the next level. Let’s take a look at the ten best ways to display your art in a fun, unconventional, and exciting way.  

Top 10 Creative Display Methods

Shelves Stand Out

Instead of going for the typical hanging methods, try installing shelves or using shelves you may have built in. Find a material for them that matches the theme and color of the room, and try stacking a few shelves on a wall. From there, you can select a few of your favorite smaller pieces to stand up on them.

Mix Different Mediums and Frames

One mistake that people often make is going for too much homogeneity, and not capitalizing on the exciting flourish that mixing and matching can bring. Instead of matching your frames and using only one type of medium on a wall, like keeping all the oils together separate from the photography, try throwing them all together in an explosion of different styles and types.

Stand Up a Big Piece on the Floor

One trick that can give your place a fresh and modern feel is choosing one or two large, oversized pieces and simply leaning them against the wall instead of hanging them. This will work better in a large space, as you will lose some of the room’s footprint, and will give a lived-in, casual vibe to a space like a kitchen or living room.

Use Skirt Hangers Instead of Frames

One classic designer tip is to throw out the frame altogether on a few pieces, and instead purchase some skirt hangers with a wide, long clasp. Then, you can clasp the art in the hanger, and hang the whole thing off of a nail or other support. This gives a bohemian, artistic feel to your pieces, and you can always paint the hanger to match the piece.

Match Your Art With Other Materials

When you’re getting all of the art together, feel free to hang up items you might not commonly think of, like older decorative plates, other dinner set pieces, silverware, books, dried and pressed leaves in a frame, or anything else you can think of. 

Install a Gallery Rail

Gallery rails are an excellent way to give an extremely professional touch and feel to your art. This setup brings multiple pieces together and turns the whole combination and installment into a single, cohesive piece of art, where the hardware itself is as artistic as the art pieces. 

Hang Prints on a Clothesline

Similar to the skirt hangers, this option takes a utilitarian item out of your closet and easily turns it into a functional, decorative item that adds lots of flair. All you have to do is mount a typical clothesline from two points in a room and use wooden clothespins or other clasping pins to hang your favorite prints. 

Stack Your Frames

When using clear picture frames, you can actually layer them one over another to get a geometric pattern feel that adds a nice touch to a room. Try doing this with minimalistic art in the frames that allow a lot of clear space to show through.  

Make It a Mural

If you’re feeling bold, when you’re in the process of buying the art, look for large pieces that can be self-applied as a mural. This will make any wall you desire stand out very well, and applying them isn’t too difficult.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

One of the most important aspects of an art gallery is the lighting. Highlight one or two of your favorite pieces by installing a light either above it or shining on it. These can be installed fairly easily and will create an ethereal glow on the piece that you will love. 

All of these techniques can be utilized in various combinations to take your art displays to the next level. Don’t simply go for basic hangers and nails every time, try out a few of these techniques and watch how the space transforms from bland and boring into unique, exciting, and inspiring!

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