Framed Wall Art

40 products

40 products

Add some true artistry and luxury to your home with eye-catching wall art décor.

Express Your Style

Everyone deserves an opportunity to get elegant and modern framed wall art at reasonable prices. Homekor was founded on that idea, and, to this day, we continue to provide great artwork at great prices.

You can express yourself through the art you hang in your home, and we can help you find the perfect expression that still fits in the budget.

Here, you’ll find everything from floral wall art and landscapes to modern and contemporary portraits and paintings. Are you looking for something abstract and thought-provoking? Or would you prefer an artistic rendition of meaningful quotes and phrases?

Explore this wide array of art and find the best fit for your home or office.

Luxury Wall Art for Everyone

Art can be inspiring, memorable, and beautiful. It can change the appearance of the room, start a conversation, or just make you smile when you walk by. Fine art has a universal appeal, and at Homekor, we put it all within your reach.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to fill your home with quality artwork. We have curated an extensive selection of art, categorized them to fit a range of styles, and made them available at the most reasonable prices.

Expect Quality

Most of our products are produced by hand and assembled at our Los Angeles location. We use an acid-free mat and Giclée print on archival paper to ensure the highest quality possible. They are framed and come ready to hang.

Take a look at our range of wall art décor and get the perfect addition for your home today.