How Art Improves your Interior Design

Art is one of the only ways people can express themselves without having to say a word. Whether or not you make your own or buy art, it’ll speak for your home which describes you. Here are four ways to use it to improve your home.

1. ADD COLOR It is a well-known fact that color brings life to any scenery. But how about homes that are dark, gloomy and with little color. Maybe you rent a home or an apartment and your limited to only furnishing your space. Colorful framed prints will create a live ambiance that will keep your guests awhile. If your home already has a lot of color incorporated into it, then use more neutral prints that will balance your personal environment.

TIP: Don’t over saturate color by using it in everything or it will make for distraction.

2. CREATES A BALANCE Not one home is the same design and therefore some may have high ceilings. The best way to balance this out would be by using large frames, ideally horizontal. If you have a canvas or textured rug, use it to fill up a high wall. In this case, experimenting is everything. So, feel free to try different methods.

3. ART GALLERY Previously we’ve talked about how to create an art gallery. We couldn’t help but to include this here as well. The art gallery is a great way, if not the best, to bring life to any home. Nothing says open minded and creativity like an art gallery. Use it in your living room as that is where many of your guests spend the most time. With a gallery, freedom says everything. Use prints large and small, as well as family portraits and picture frames.

TIP: Use an art gallery to create a balance for high ceilings.

4. SELF-EXPRESSION We all know art is self-expression, and can tell a story. The art you choose will dictate what people think about you. If you hang art that is playful and silly, many will assume you’re a parent. If your art is abstract, then most will think of you as mysterious person. On the other hand, if you love recreated vintage pop art, people will ask if you’re into film. Whatever art you hang, it will say a lot about who you are. Therefore, choose carefully what you hang and make sure it speaks to you and most importantly that you like it.

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