3 Mirrors to Style Your Home

Most homes, if not all, have at least one mirror. However, many of those homes have mirrors with little to no style. What are some ways you can style your mirror? What type of mirrors are there?

1. Wall Mirrors A wall mirror is hung onto the wall in various parts of the home. Many may use a wall mirror as a vanity or bathroom mirror. Another great way to use a wall mirror is in a living room setting. Our living room is where we spend the most time, therefor we are more likely to use a mirror to its advantage in that setting. Since most homes have a living room/entrance layout, a mirror would make as a great addition for those who like to take a last look. One of our favorite wall mirrors is the Olivia Basic Mirror!

2. Floor/Leaning Mirrors The Leaning mirror has become more common in the last few years. As people focus more and more on their clothing and style, they need a way to see themselves in full spectrum. Also known as a full length mirror, these mirrors serve many functions around the house. They're the perfect addition to a bedroom and they don't take much space up. The best part about our full length mirrors are that they have hanging hooks. Not only are full length mirrors made to be leaned onto the wall, but they can also be hung in a hallway to create a spacious look. In general, floor mirrors are one of the most versatile mirrors one can chose. Check out the Klimt Silver Mirror for a fantastic full length mirror.

2. Freestanding Mirror We've covered wall and floor mirrors, but there is one more that many will love even more. It's called a freestanding mirror and it does exactly that and more! One of the problems we see with a regular floor mirror is that they usually don't look good propped in a corner. Therefore we're forced to leave them up against a wall where we would prefer not to have it. On the other hand, having a mirror in a corner creates a larger space feeling in a room, but also covers up an empty corner. It gets even better! We know that as time goes on, our way of thinking changes. We might want a freestanding mirror now but next year wall mirrors might be in. We created the perfect mirror solution. Our freestanding mirrors come with hanging hooks to be hung vertically or horizontally. The mirror can also be folded so that you can lean it against the wall whenever you'd like.

Mirrors are an amazing way to add style and the ultimate statement piece in any home!

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