How to Decorate Every Room in your Home with Art

Home or apartment, it doesn’t matter, your space should always be decorated. Here is a room by room list on how to invite life into it – using art prints.

LIVING ROOM The living room and den are two rooms you’ll spend the most time in. This is where your guests usually first step into – therefore by selecting the right decor, you can wow your visitors.

Choose a large frame that stands out, and pick art that truly defines who you are. Let your decor set a good first impression for your guests.

KITCHEN/DINING Easily the area of your home where you will spend the second most time, or maybe even the first (if you’re a foodie like us).

For most kitchens, back splash is standard, so definitely no hanging there – you don’t want to chip, or break, your tile! It’s best to use frames that don’t have glass, such as gel textured art prints or canvas pieces. These can be propped on your counter against the backsplash.

If your kitchen does have an empty wall, use your imagination to fill it in. You can go for something that represents food & ingredients, cooking, or wine and dine. You can also simply use an abstract piece. The options are endless.

BEDROOMS Where you sleep, where you lounge, where you relax in peace. The bedroom is a great place to hang art – in fact, it’s crucial. There are no limits on what you can do, so feel free to express yourself.

TIP: If you have one huge empty wall create an art gallery with art and photos.

OFFICE If you have an office or study, you may not think of hanging wall décor here. But, you may work from home or do a lot studying in here, so having a frame or two is important. Keep in mind, if you’re working in this room, you may at times face a great deal of stress, and what better way to remind yourself you can do it? With a motivational print!

BATHROOM A room that often gets neglected with wall art. But it is also a room your guests will walk into, therefore tidy it up with art! Choose smaller prints and if so, choose pairs that go side by side. We recommend hanging bathroom wall art above an open shelf or cabinet. Location matters – as it will either create a nuisance or an accent.

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