Home Wall Décor Ideas for Large Spaces

Putting up wall décor on large walls can be a tricky task. With so much space to fill, it can feel overwhelming and easy to second guess hanging anything on the wall at all. Luckily, Homekor offers a lot of affordable, practical solutions to help. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate large spaces.

Create a Series

One of the easiest way to fill up a large wall is with a photo tri-series. These Vera Portrait frames come in a set of three and will reach over 6 feet in width when hung and spaced. The best part of these frames is that they have clean, sleek lines in a classic black or white framing. Since they are customizable with any 14x11 photos, you can put photos or artwork into them for display. These classic frames with matting will easily blend into any style choices of the room they are hung. If you prefer centered portrait openings, this version of the Vera Portrait 3 frame set is great too.

A more interesting visual option is with these three Astrid Gallery Portrait frames. Each is a different size and available in black and white frames. The Astrid frames are a great option because they create a square when put together as displayed, but if you buy two sets, they can create a collage with a lot of visual interest and fill a big space. If your large space is a long hallway, lining these frames up is a fun option too.

Buy an Art Set

For those who do not want to put together a series themselves, art sets are available to purchase. Art collections are a great way to fill up space without too much effort. Choose a style and color scheme that you like, and the pieces comes ready to hang. It really is that easy.

Some of our favorite sets include:

Horse twin prints: Caballus I and Caballus II

Abstract rings: Effervescence I and Effervescence II

Architecture or traditional: Vintage House I, Vintage House II, Vintage House III, Vintage House IV

Plants: Bessler Botanicals I, Bessler Botanicals II, Bessler Botanicals III, Bessler Botanicals IV

If none of these are right, there are other sets available on homekor.com that you can look through too.

Use Mirrors

A classic way to fill up a large space is with an oversized mirror. Our mirrors are rectangular, making it easy to hang up and down for a tall wall or sideways for a long wall. If the space is really big, it is easy to add sconces, plants, or frames on either side of the mirror too.

Some of our favorite framed mirrors include the following:

For a golden frame: Klimt Gold Mirror

A great charcoal designed frame: Johansson Charcoal Mirror

A dark ebony color with visible grain: Lenosa Ebony Mirror

Each comes with different sized options to fit your wall the best.

Finding Your Style

These three options- creating a series, hanging an art set, or using mirrors- are each great options for filling up a large wall. The most important thing is that whatever you choose fits your style and is something you will enjoy looking at every day.

At Homekor, we are proud to offer affordable décor to everyone. The collections we sell can be adapted to your needs. When filling up a wall at your office, home, or anything in between, these décor options are excellent.

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