How to Pair Art Together in your Home

When choosing to frame wall décor, you may ask yourself whether you should do one single frame, or a pair of frames that match. Read our tips to guide you into the right decision for you.

SINGLE FRAME Choosing a single frame doesn’t necessarily mean only showcasing one art print on your wall. To be clear, it means that the framed art is a single print and not associated or paired with another print. A single frame goes well when large or even when creating an art gallery. Another way of hanging a single frame is placing it above furniture pieces like a sofa or above a fireplace mantel.

PAIRS Choosing paired art prints is a great way to add variety to your home. Make sure that your paired art prints match in terms of art. Avoid putting two prints side by side that are not from the same set, or it’ll call for disorganization. Another thing to keep in mind, make sure paired prints are of the same frame size.

PRO TIP: Create variety by adding a framed set of three rather than only using paired sets.

IF YOU CAN’T CHOOSE ONE, CHOOSE BOTH We totally understand, you want to do it both ways. Makes sense, we would too! Since you’re open to creativity, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Create a beautiful art gallery in your house, and choose paired sets and single prints to your liking. How about using those small dandy paired sets for your bathroom? It’ll make for the most comfortable setting! No matter the occasion, single, paired or both, art will always make for an incredible ambiance in your home.

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