How to Decorate a Small Apartment or Studio

Whether you live in an apartment or share your space with a room mate, small spaces can be hard to style. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making the most out of your home. Here are a few steps to getting your small space styled!

1. DE-CLUTTERING Creating more space than what there is can be tricky. Therefore, before redesigning your small space, consider getting rid of unnecessary things taking up space.

Maybe it’s the knickknacks you’ve accumulated, or the magazines and newspapers you’ll never read. Remember that one time you bought something thinking it was going to be your new hobby? Do you really need it?

TIP: Consider donating.

2. RE-DECORATING Okay, so you’ve finally been able to get past the dirt work. Now what? Well now the fun begins. It’s time to re-imagine your space, and make it exactly how you want.


  • Choose decorative pieces wisely
  • Switch to efficient furniture piece
  • Buy space-saving pillows, rugs and so on


  • Buy huge prints that’ll take up the entire wall
  • Buy small mirrors
  • Accumulate knick knacks
  • Compulsively buy gadgets or space-taking items

WALL DÉCOR In order to make the most of out your small space living you’ll want to choose prints to your liking. Choose several that’ll stand out to you. For instance, you might have a bungalow home, consider choosing from our moody blues or nautical collection to add that important touch to your wall.

MIRRORS Another way to maximize your small space are mirrors. While small mirrors are great for retouching your makeup, full body mirrors will create the illusion of more space. Therefore, choose wall decor that’ll enunciate your space.

HOW WE HELP Our collections offer a grand variety of prints to choose from. In addition, we carry multiple sizes to suit your needs. We know small space living may not always be ideal for huge prints. Therefore, we offer many prints idea for small spaces.


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