Three Ways to Use Decorative Mirrors in Your Home

Using mirrors in the house is a great way to make spaces look bigger and brighter. When decorating with mirrors, they can fit onto any wall and add dimension. There are three different types of mirrors, the leaner, freestanding, and wall hanging. Each has its own presence and benefits to styling a room. To help use the decorative mirrors, here is a quick guide on each type to optimize each one.

Leaner Style Mirrors

A leaner mirror is a mirror that leans against a wall. They are typically long framed mirrors that allow a person to see their entire body.

Because of the full-length size, these mirrors are excellent for bedrooms and some walk-in closets. Based on the framing of the mirror, a leaning mirror can fit into any style of decorating. If the mirror is oversized, it is great to fill up a wall and decorate around it. Placing one next to a chest of drawers can also make the décor more interesting.

When used for dressing, it is a great idea to put it by a window or near one so you can get a full view of yourself in good lighting. Putting the mirror across from the window can add light to the room, but for viewing yourself in the morning, it may be better to not put the light behind you.

Freestanding Mirrors

A freestanding mirror is like a leaner mirror, but it has a stand on the back of the base, so it does not require a wall to stay up. The frames are often less chunky as well. Freestanding mirrors have more freedom to be placed in a room and add more texture by being pulled away from the wall.

The full-length size still is optimal in a bedroom of dressing space to give a full body view. They are also great for adding into a living room to help fill up a large space. Placing it next to a plant or window can help bring life to a room too. The key to styling it is pulling it off from the wall or putting it in the corner. Letting it send light into the room will help bring more interest to the surroundings.

Since the frames are not as decorative or elaborate as leaner mirrors, they complement many different styles, including traditional, industrial, modern, shabby chic, etc. Most decisions for freestanding mirrors are what color the frame should be for the room.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are a commonly used wall decoration. When there is a large space to fill, using a large mirror in the center does the job well. While many people use wall art, changing it up with a mirror can make the room seem larger. Hanging it above a large piece of furniture can highlight the piece and make it more of a statement.

The best use of wall mirrors is to put them above furniture, fireplace, bed, or in a large open foyer or hallway. Because they reflect so much, it makes the space look bigger and brighter in an understated way. Using too many mirrors is not optimal but mixing some into the home is a classic look that can work with any style.

Wall mirrors have frames of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. For making a bigger statement, choose a chunkier frame that adds its own style to the space. To make a mirror look like it belongs, it should complement a room’s specific style. The sizing and frames will bring the most variety, so pay attention to the pattern, tiles, or design that fits within the styles in the room.

Finding the Best Mirrors

While mirrors may seem like a basic décor option, they are so versatile. They can add so much style and light to a room. Look for high quality mirrors that will last a long time and give a clear reflection. For low-quality mirrors, they can have small waves in the glass and inconsistent reflections. If you are looking for a high quality mirror that you can rely on, give the Homekor collection a look.

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  • Eve Mitchell

    It’s good to know that a wall mirror is a great way to fill a large wall. I have a large spot in my entryway that could use some decor. I think it would be nice to get a custom mirror to fill the space.

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