Tips for Custom Printing & Framing Your Phone Photos

You can have some amazing photography – which is to say: your photography – hanging on the wall of your home with just a few clicks, and in a few days.

Our online photo printing and framing service is extremely easy to use. You can upload a photo straight from your phone, choose the frame that complements the picture and fits with your home’s décor, and then let us do the rest.

Most of our products are hand-made and assembled in Los Angeles, California, so as soon as we receive the order, our specialists can get to work and have it in the mail headed to your house within days.

Of course, if you’re going to print and then frame a picture, let’s make sure the results will match your expectations. Here are a few simple tips for custom printing and framing your phone photos.

Choose Your Best Work

Most of our phones are filled with photos that capture every side of every event and activity. We’ve got pictures of friends and family and pets and food and everything else that has an impact (no matter how large or small) on our daily lives.

How do you choose the very best of all these options?

Sometimes, one or two are just going to be obviously amazing. Sometimes, you capture the light and shadow perfectly. Your selfie with your significant other just captured the joy of the moment unlike any other picture you’ve ever taken.

We all have them, and those should be one of your first choices for framing.

But what about those other photos that aren’t quite perfect? What about those 300 images of your significant other? Or your cat?

These are pictures that are going to be prominently displayed on a wall somewhere, so make sure you choose your best work.

That means avoiding blurred images (in the foreground or the background), finding one that draws the center of attention to the best part of the photo, and one that has a lot of visual interest (crisp details, depth of field, etc.)

Personalize the Photo

If you’re taking photos on your phone, there’s a good chance you’ve already added some filters and color correction already. Especially if these are images that you’ve already posted on your favorite social networks.

However, the image you settle on for those social media uploads may not look quite the same when they’re surrounded by a custom frame and hanging on your wall.

When you order a custom print of a photo on your phone, you’ll have another opportunity to crop, zoom, re-center, and turn your picture so you can see how it will look in its frame.

Don’t skip over this step. It is critical to the process – especially if you’re doing a set of pictures with the intention of pairing up two or three pictures in a row.

You were Totally Framed for This

It only takes a couple quick clicks to order your framed phone photo online, but that doesn’t mean any old frame will do.

Take the time to look at your options and make sure they will fit with your current décor.

All of our frames are hand assembled, have an acid-free archival mat, and are ready to hang. We use professional-grade photo paper and they are framed with glass. So, we’ve taken care of the basics to ensure that, no matter what you order, you’ll receive a high-quality product. The rest is up to you.

Choose a matte black or white frame finish to complement your photo, consider something fun like the heart portrait, and make sure you get the right size for the right photo.

You should also think about where the framed photo is going to go in your home. The aesthetics of these frames and finishes are very modern, so they may stand out in a room that has a rustic theme.

Keep all these elements in mind as you choose your photos and frames, and you will love the results.

Try it out today and see how easy it really is to upload photos from your phone and create the kind of art you will want to hang on your walls.

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