Tips for Stylishly Displaying Family Photo Frames on Walls

You want to make a collage of family photo frames for wall display. So, how do you do this successfully? The following tips will give you the inspiration you need to find the frames you need and place them as a family-friendly gallery of memories. Homekor offers black and white frames that will make your family portraits and photos stand out on different walls of your house. Start with the ideal backdrops and frames for your photos, and you can create several memorable arrangements over time.

Choosing the Right Family Photo Frames

Choosing frames that complement your photos and decor is key. Opt for simple but stylish frames that draw attention to the photos, not the frames themselves. While a Brayleigh wood picture frame might seem like a nice addition, your choice gauges more on how you'll be displaying your picture or photo.

Size Matters

Choose frame sizes that match the scale of your photos and the wall space. For a gallery wall with many small prints, use similarly sized small frames. For large feature photos, use substantial frames. Mixing and matching complementary frame sizes and styles creates an artful collage effect.

Material Makes a Difference

Wood, metal and acrylic frames in natural or metallic finishes work well for most homes. Wood evokes warmth, metal has an industrial vibe and acrylic is minimalist. For a rustic look, choose distressed wood or unpolished metal or matte frames. For contemporary flair, consider sleek metal or acrylic or matte black or white frames.

Matting Provides Contrast

For an elevated look, add matting between the photo and frame. Mat board, available at craft stores, comes in a variety of colors and widths. A colored or textured mat helps photos stand out and complements the overall color palette in your space. Double matting, using two complementary mat widths and colors, creates extra depth and contrast.

You can also buy frames for your images that include the matting. Typically, the matting is treated, so it will protect your pictures from fading or deterioration over time.

Hang Them High and Tight

Once you've selected your frames, hang them, so they are evenly spaced for a cohesive look. Keep the center of each frame at roughly eye level. Use the template that comes with multi-opening frames as a guide. Step back to ensure frames look balanced, then drive nails or install hanging hardware and enjoy your beautiful wall display!

Arranging Family Photo Frames by Color

Arranging your frames by color is an easy way to create an artful display. Group together frames with similar color tones or hues. This helps the eye flow from photo to photo, creating a uniform and attractive display.

Color Palettes

For a monochromatic and sophisticated look, choose multiple shades of the same color such as light pink, rose and burgundy. If you're not sure what to choose, tan, black, gray, or white are always safe selections.

  • Start with your largest or most prominent photos first, using them as the focal points of the display. Then build around the images.
  • Place lighter and brighter colors at eye level and darker, more muted tones higher up or farther down.
  • Don't forget neutral tones - black, white and natural wood. They provide contrast and help balance out brighter colors or create a more subdued effect.


  • Cluster small groups of 2 to 5 photos together based on color. Leave some space in between each cluster.
  • Create a rectangular or square shape with your frames for a neat and orderly look. Or take a more organic, scattered approach for a whimsical style.
  • Mix in decorative accents like colorful vases, bowls, books or candles to enhance your theme.
  • Step back and review how the colors and frames are balanced. Make any final adjustments needed to the layout.

With some experimenting, you'll achieve a family photo wall that is a work of art in and of itself. Your creative photo arranging skills will turn a regular wall into a decorative focal point that you'll enjoy for decades.

Creating Asymmetrical Photo Frame Wall Displays

Creating an asymmetrical photo frame wall display is an art form. The key is to make it look stylishly random while still purposefully arranged. Follow these tips to create an eye-catching gallery wall of family photos:

Start with a focal point

Choose one large frame, perhaps of a favorite family photo, to be the centerpiece of your arrangement. Place it in the center of the wall to anchor the display.

Mix up sizes and styles

Use a variety of frame sizes, from small 4x6 inches up to large 11x14 inches or bigger. The eclectic mix of sizes gives a wall a casually curated look.

Add height with a photo ledge

For extra dimension, include a wall-mounted photo ledge. You can place a row of small frames along the ledge or stagger frames of different heights. The ledge also provides space for propping up canvases or prints.

Leave breathing space

Don’t crowd the frames too closely together. Leave a few inches of space between each frame , so the arrangement looks purposefully imperfect rather than cluttered or confused. Take a step back to ensure the frames are balanced on the wall, making adjustments as needed.

Include mementos

In addition to framed photos, add other memorabilia like ticket stubs from a favorite family outing or event, a child’s artwork or handprint, or a decorative object with sentimental meaning. These touches make the gallery wall extra personal.

Keep it casual when arranging family frame artwork

The overall look you want to achieve is casual and easy-going. Place each frame slightly off-kilter rather than in a rigid grid, with some higher and some lower for a laid-back feel. Step back, tilt your head, and make sure each singular frame supports your random design. With some time and patience, you’ll have an artfully arranged family photo collage and gallery wall to show off to family and friends.

Incorporating Family Picture Frames Into Gallery Walls

Incorporating family photos into a gallery wall display is a great way to personalize your space and highlight cherished memories. Again, group each set of frame memory artwork, all of different sizes, for an eclectic look, or organize them in a neater grid for a coordinated gallery wall.

Vary the sizes and shapes of each picture frame photo when creating a display of picture frames

Mixing portrait, landscape, square and panoramic frame photographs creates visual interest in your display. Don’t limit yourself to identical and colorized frame prints—incorporate black and white into the display. Allow the photographs to pop in the exhibit.

Group by color or theme in each picture frame grouping

You might arrange photos into color stories for a collaborative look. Group black and white or sepia toned photos together, or organize around a color palette like teal and coral. You can also group by theme, like family vacations or holidays. This helps tie all the elements together into a stylish composition.

Leave space between each picture frame to enhance the look of each photo

Don’t crowd your picture frames too closely together. Leave 2 to 4 inches between each picture frame, and at least 6 inches from the edges of the wall. This expanded space allows the eye to focus on each photo and creates a balanced, uncluttered look when you're positioning wall frames or creating a gallery wall frame design. It's among the unique photo wall ideas that will allow you to create a family collage that will make visitors stop and look.

Family picture frame ideas are limitless, once you know some tricks of arranging a display. Whether you opt for a single wood picture frame, three black frame groupings, or family collage frames, you can enhance your decor.

For instance a large family collage picture design might be used on a wall before a staircase, or you might find frame inspiration by choosing a setting of two or three frames or one large family gallery frame. Review the frame material and the family pictures you want to display.

Place Your Primary Focus on the Picture and Not the Material that Makes Up the Frame

Basically, your frame material is not as important as the picture itself. Whether you choose from Ebern designs, shop Wayfair for photo frames, or choose wall gallery family picture frames in a Jaida wood picture frame design, showcasing the picture is what matters the most.

That is why going online and reviewing the frame material is not essential when you visit the Homekor site. Classic metal picture frames are nice as are Tysa wood picture frame mountings. However, the photo size and backdrop in individual frames matter more when it comes to creating a decorative family collage.

While you can find a Clipper Cove wood picture frame or get ideas on Foter, you will enhance a living room setting more with basic black or white gallery frames, like those shown on Homekor. These basic black or white frames encased with glass will help to escalate the looks of sized inch photos as well as large portraits for a full or part photo wall display and arrangement.

Although you can choose a wood stick gallery wall to add pizzazz to your decor, you still won't achieve the effect that you expect. Yes, wood is a nice addition to frames, but a Clippercove wood picture frame is not what makes a living room display ring out as being memorable, nor is it the number of frames in your exhibit.

You have to remember, each wall gallery is unique - based on its location (stairwell or living room), size of the space, and the glass or frame mounting you choose to make each family picture stand out.

Pictures are an extension of how we express ourselves. Therefore, we don't want to mask this expression by using a frame material that overshadows what we're trying to create. Keep this in mind when you're arranging gallery wall layouts or when you're selecting a collage frame online.

How to Decide on a Mounting

Ask the following questions when choosing mountings:

  • What images will you be featuring?
  • What do you want to include in your family gallery?

Again, remember, that the frame material is not as important as the picture itself. After all, if you have framed baby pictures, you want to look at the baby and not the prop for your images.

Pictures are what makes a glass collage frame idea come to life. So, don't place an emphasis only on the frame material.

Each wall collage picture frame or grouping of collage picture frames is based on the photos you choose to display in your decor - with your wall decor part of the total theme.

For example, a glass picture frame set might work out great over a fireplace - provided you focus on that space, so the pictures stand out. Integrate each picture and glass encased frame into the wall decor , so it seamlessly falls into place with your other elements in your decor - whether it is traditional, retro, modern, or a Mission design.

Make your picture frame set about each picture - not about the type of picture props or fixtures used for the picture display. That is why buying a matte black or white glass frame from Homekor is an ideal way to create photo frame artwork - artwork that works perfectly in your decorating scheme.

For instance, you can acquire a set of 3 photo frame Vera picture mountings to showcase pictures of your family. Each of the picture frames holds a photo size of 11 inches wide by 14 inches high. The frame finish is underplayed - matte black or matte white.

Homekor's white or black matte finished frames are hand-assembled for each picture they hold and come with an acid-free, fade-resistant archival mat. They also include professional grade photo paper to preserve each cherished picture, and are made with glass.

When it comes to buying a picture frame and choosing a mounting - less is more. Keep your photo size or sizes in mind, so you can choose a collage picture frame or single picture frame fixture that will highlight the image or images in your walled picture frame design.

Add decorative accents in each frame mounted setting and collage picture frame display

Incorporate decorative accents like mirrors, clocks, art or wall hangings for extra visual appeal. Place these items in empty spaces between photos or make them a focal point. Just make sure you give them display room as well. Accent pieces introduce new colors, shapes and textures that enhance a gallery wall design.

Step back and review the frame enhanced art and designs

Once you have your glass basic black or white frames and accents arranged on the wall, step back and review how it looks. Make sure there is good balance and that the overall spacing feels cohesive. You may need to swap a few photos or adjust the placement for a collage picture frame display. Get a second opinion from someone with a fresh perspective. Making minor tweaks can elevate your gallery wall from average to artful with only a few simple adjustments.

With some thoughtful arranging, your family photo gallery wall will become a personal work of art showcasing memories you’ll treasure for years to come. Displaying photos in a creative, stylish way allows you to celebrate the relationships that are most meaningful and sentimental to view.

Using Family Photo Frames and Collage Picture Frame Mountings to Decorate Staircases and Stairwells in Your Home

Staircases are ideal places for displaying family photos in picture frames in a stylish and unique way. Below are some tips for decorating your staircase or stairwell with frame photo designs that will take the "hum-drum" out of a gallery wall or photo wall display.

Group photos in each family picture frame by generation

Arrange photos in generational groups, starting from the oldest at the bottom of the stairs to the newest photos at the top. This creates an artistic timeline of your family’s history and connections.

Vary sizes of each family picture frame and picture for increased visual interest among picture frames

Use a mix of frame sizes for the best visual effect. Large frames make a statement, medium frames are versatile, and small frames are ideal for tight spaces. The varied sizes will make the overall display more dynamic and appealing.

Leave space between each family picture frame to set it apart

Again, it's important not to crowd the frame mounted photographs together. Leave several inches of space between each photo grouping or single frame for the best esthetic. The additional space allows the eye to focus on each photo and gives the arrangement an uncluttered open look and design.

Consider a theme for a more cohesive look among the family picture frame art or collage picture frame groupings

For a uniform appearance, consider a theme to tie all the photos together. For example, use all black frames, or wooden frames of the same hue. Or you can group photos by color, like black and white photos in one section and color photos in another. A theme helps turn a random assortment of mounted frame photos into an artistic feature and display.

Pay attention to sight lines of single and collage frame mountings for you wall picture frame galleries

Consider where people will view the photos in your wall picture frame galleries. Make sure key photos are at eye level for the best viewing experience. For staircases, focus on how the photos will look from various points as people walk up and down the stairway Arrange and space of each photo frame, so people can easily see and enjoy the whole display.

With some thoughtful planning, you can turn your staircase into a memorable photo gallery - a tribute to your family's history. Using a mix of frame sizes, leaving added space, grouping by generation or theme, and reviewing the sight lines will result in a stylish display. Don't worry about the frame material as much as how you arrange your display and the photo size in relation to the frame.

Why You Should Choose Homekor for Family Picture Frame Choices

As you can see, the frame or frames you choose for your photos can make all the difference in the display of your family fun times and memories. Keep this in mind as you shop on the Homekor site - a platform where you can find everything you need to present candid memories that are both artistic and sentimental in the messages they convey.

When you can find all your frame needs online, you don't have to worry about creating a picture frame display that will continue to resonate over time. You'll have all the tools you need to accommodate the photo size and placement of your frames for your picture gallery. 

In the end quality photo frames are made to accommodate the photo size of each picture - doing so in a modern and unobtrusive way. Shopping at Homekor allows you to achieve your goals for establishing an attractive photo gallery at home or wherever you want to highlight your family's history.

You might get ideas on Foter or find wood frames collage mountings elsewhere online. However, you'll find everything on Homekor if you're seeking frame products that will stand the test of time.

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