Lean or Hang Art: 3 Pros and Cons for your Space

For most of us, hanging art is standard. But what about propped or leaned art? Let’s dive in to why you might want to prop or hang your art!

Ideally art should be hung, as that is the norm. But what may make someone want to lean art against the wall? Pro designers have several reasons why they themselves do it. Leaning art against the wall especially on top of a furnishing piece can create a contrast with other pieces in the room. You may want to lean your art if you’re worried about drilling a hole in your wall or like the freedom of rotating art. One way of doing so would be by using an empty shelf for display. Propping frames may also be very useful in a kitchen back splash.

This is what most people do, and let’s be honest, it’s done for a reason. Art is to be displayed and the best way to do so is by hanging it. When you hang framed art, it makes for a clean finish. There’s this ambiance that is unexplainable, one that calls for sitting down at the living room to relax. Hung art defines that wall and creates the perfect balance between a furnishing piece below. Rather than looking incomplete like leaned art, it shows your someone who gets things done. Truly, hanged art is the norm for a reason, it looks great and it’s meant to be.

This is just our opinion here at Homekor! Why not declare your own opinion with our great collection of art?

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