Ultimate Guide to Curating the Perfect Wall Art Collection

There are many reasons why you might want to start a wall art collection. Some collectors gather art as an investment while others just want to decorate with art. And then, there are those who have a true passion for art as a whole.

Think of your reasons for collecting art, but also your location. The room makes a big difference in what you will buy. If you are working on a commercial space, lots of people will see the art. When you work within your home, it's more about your own enjoyment and style. Here's a guide to help you to curate a wall art collection of your own.

Getting Started

Before you start a gallery wall with prints or some other art-related items, it's important to set a few parameters for yourself. Following those parameters will help you to shop through the collections with ease.

Set A Budget

You know how much money you bring in and how much your bills normally cost. What can you spend on oversized wall art or wall art sets? Set a budget and look through the regular price on quality artist pieces. Look for inspiration in the affordable, beautiful art on the market before you make a final choice.

Have Goals in Mind

Your intention for your featured art will help you to create the right art choices. If you are looking at the art as an investment, join a community of other investors and figure out what sells, what fluctuates in price, and what will withstand the test of time. The more you know about the art life, the better.

On the other hand, if you want art prints for your home, it's more about your enjoyment and what you love. Choose a design you appreciate and feel you can look at in your window each day. Look for a color you love and one that will go along with your home's aesthetics. Choose art that will add something to your home's appearance.

Do the Legwork

Collecting art is more enjoyable if you feel like you know what you're doing. There are lots of customers on the market and some are more informed than others. Be one of those informed buyers! Start visiting museums, art galleries, and shows. Adding more of those experiences to your list helps you to make buying art both easy and fun.

The more you explore the art world and look into the sale process, the more you will know about what you want, what's available, and how to choose. You will notice yourself gravitating towards certain beautiful styles and mediums.

Where to Look

There are endless pieces of art on the market, which means there are even more places to look for prints, wall art sets, and certain style options. Here are a few of the options to help you locate quality pieces at affordable prices:

Art Galleries

Local art galleries can help you to choose wall art and prints that suit your life and style. You will often be able to choose between local artists, which will bring something special to your collection. You can see the art options in frames and create a full image in your mind.

Search Online

If you know what kind of art you want, there are lots of online places to turn. You can search by images, inspiration, room ideas, and so on. Once you find the art you want, just place it in your cart and complete the purchase. You can also get on email lists for certain artists. They will email you when something new comes out.

Instagram and other social media sites can help you to look for unique pieces for sale. They may come with frames, or you can frame them yourself once you get them.

Getting art online means the prints will be shipped directly to your home or workplace. That might send the regular price up a bit as shipping and handling will be added. But if you find the right options for your space, it is worth it.

Quick Tips for New Buyers

If it's your first time buying wall art from a gallery wall, there are certain things you will want to remember.

Get and Keep Certificates

Many wall art pieces will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Keep that document to prove the prints are real later in case you sell or want to insure the piece.

Remember Quality Over Quantity

You can get a lot of gallery wall art at or below a regular price, but your gallery wall doesn't need to be stuffed with items. Rather, it's best to keep walls quaint so the one piece of art in a frame stands out as something special. When you have a quality piece in a frame, it will shine.

Hire a Consultant

If you don't feel confident about any art sale, you can always hire a consultant. They can get the art for you at the regular price, but you will have to pay extra in the sale for their expertise. The consultant can help your gallery wall stand out and give you the confidence in the overall sale.

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