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11 products

Mirrors for every space and any place.

Mirrors are a great way to make any space bigger and brighter. Different styles of mirrors complement various spaces. From different colored frames to the many sizes and shapes, HomeKor has something for everyone with affordable prices.

Need help knowing what type of mirror to buy? For a mirror that makes a statement, check out the collection of decorative mirrors. They add personality to any area, helping to draw the eye and add interest. The chunky frame can add a point of interest on a bare wall. Decorate around the mirror with shelves and fun knick-knacks for an even more decorative space. For modern decorative mirrors, the most typical mirrors to pick for a modern style is a black frame or frameless mirror. Keeping it simple will match this style.

After color and style have been established, determine the purpose of the mirror. Once you know the purpose, it helps determine the size and shape to buy. While smaller mirrors can work together to expand a small space, bigger mirrors also have their place. Mounting on a wall can expand and provide more visibility to an area. Leaning mirrors are excellent for closets, fancy galas, and shopping floors where someone wants to see a full head-to-toe view of themselves.

Arranging the placement of mirrors is important too. A bare wall in a small room does well with a wall hanging mirror, like a work of art. Placing on an accent wall highlights the mirror. Hanging a mirror on a wall opposite a light source helps brighten the room. For big spaces, a leaning or freestanding mirror is a great option because it adds interest and light in the corner it is placed.

If you need high quality mirrors for less, you have come to the right place. The mirrors from HomeKor are affordable and beautiful. Look through our collection to find the perfect mirror for any space in your home or business.