Tips to Transform Your Home With Budget-Friendly Wall Art

When it comes to decorating your house, many people have the misconception that buying quality art that looks great takes big bucks and a wallet size to match. However, this isn’t rooted in reality, as there are plenty of wall art tips and tricks that can make your home look professionally done on a budget. Not everyone needs an original Picasso on the wall, after all.

From oversize prints to changing up the lighting, the options at your fingertips are endless. Professional interior designers work with many people who must come in under a certain budget, and there are always ways to make the house come together in an admirable way that will make you love being at home. Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks when looking to transform the feel of your home with wall art on a budget. 

Tip #1: Think big.

Large-scale art gives a powerful illusion of price, while in reality it often doesn’t cost much more than smaller pieces. Larger art pieces provide a strong centerpiece to build out from, allowing you to scaffold smaller pieces along the main viewing line a large art piece will create. Consider a glossy print for an extra eye-catching effect. 

Tip #2: Think like a gallery.

When you go into a viewing at an art gallery, you’ll notice that most art is hung somewhere between 55 and 60 inches. That’s known as the “57-inch” rule, as it is where the average-height person’s eyes will naturally land. To make your art have more of an impact without needing to overbuy, consider hanging your art at this height.  

Tip #3: Tie the rooms together with themes.

When planning your wall art, try and group art by themes. If you have a blue trim in a room, consider a grouping of ocean shots, or a family picture at the beach. For a fireplace, think forest-green pines or a cozy atmosphere that brings a winter cabin setting to mind. 

Tip #4: Vary art mediums.

One way to get more bang for your buck is to vary art styles. This makes the pieces stand out more and attract interest while not requiring you to purchase more than the minimum. Get creative and look into collages, calendars, tapestries, or anything else you desire.  

Tip #5: Framing matters.

A nice-looking, classy frame can take a budget piece of art to the next level with barely any extra cost. When planning out your art, find prints that you love and then look for a fancy frame that sparkles and stands out. You’d be amazed at what a gilt ornate frame can do for a basic budget art print.  

Tip #6: Less is more.

One thing you will notice about professionally staged houses is that no wall features too much art to the point where it is overwhelming. For a clean, expensive look that won’t break the bank, make each choice count but avoid cluttering up the walls with too many small pieces that clash together.

Tip #7: Color coordinate.

One of the main things to keep in mind when designing your house is the concept of complementary colors. When laying out a room, try and use colors that look good together and have a pleasing effect. Green and magenta, for example, are common complementary colors that can lend a professional touch to any room when used together.

Tip #8: Dedicated picture lighting works wonders.

Better Homes and Gardens reminds us that one thing that can make your wall art look professional without breaking the bank is the lighting, describing it as the key “to bringing gallery-style ambiance into your home, even if your wall art isn’t exactly museum-worthy.”

Of course, it’s easier to reconfigure lighting while undergoing home renovations, which isn’t exactly cheap. However, for those on a budget, there are lots of excellent LED, cordless, and battery-powered lighting options. There are also multiple ways to hide cords either in or along a wall, which involve covering it in some way, making it blend in, or drilling some small holes to thread it through.

Tip #9: Think outside the box and have fun!

One tip that always needs to be restated when it comes to wall art is that you should be doing it for yourself and your family, not anyone else. No one else will be looking at the wall art as much as you, so make sure that you love it.

You don’t need expensive prints to find art that you love. Just look for art that speaks to your soul, and spend a while browsing cheap pieces, maybe sorting by lowest price on various sites. As long as you are happy with it, that’s all that matters.  

Wall art is an important part of decorating a home, but it doesn’t have to break a budget. Follow these tips, and you are guaranteed to end up with a look that you love at a minimal cost.  

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