What Are the Best Places to Hang a Mirror in Your Home?

Mirrors are ancient and beautiful pieces of art that provide a useful space for self-reflection, fixing up your appearance, and adding an extra dimension of space and beauty to a room. Stores and businesses frequently install mirrors because it gives the illusion of a larger, more open space, and you can apply this same effect to your living spaces by hanging a mirror in your house anywhere you want. While home decor largely comes down to your personal tastes and preferences and what you like best, there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to make sure you make the most of your mirrors. 

When hanging decorative mirrors, always try and make sure that what they are reflecting is beautiful, scenic, or otherwise something that you want to look at twice, rather than just once. Reflecting a spacious window scene is always an excellent choice, as well as reflecting a piece of art or architecture that you are particularly obsessed with. Additionally, try and hang the mirror in a place where you and your guests can view your reflections in, as this brings utility and a playful sense of movement wherever the mirror is hung.

Making the Most of Your Mirror

Beyond these simple tips, let’s look at some other guidelines for making the most of your decorative mirror purchase.

By the front door

Try this classic interior design trick: Place a small decorative table near your entryway, and a nice-looking mirror above it. This allows you to quickly check your appearance on the way out the door and immediately creates a sense of space for those entering your house. 

In the bedroom

This is an extremely popular choice for decorative mirrors, as it brings spaciousness to the room you spend the most time in, and allows you to get dressed and fix up your appearance easily. Try a closet door or on a wall with enough room for a large, body-length mirror. 

The dining room

There are a few places in dining rooms that can benefit from a mirror. Try these options:

  • Over a buffet or serving area to reflect the food
  • On a wall reflecting the family while eating, but not in a location where it is unavoidable to watch yourself eat, as this can make some people uncomfortable
  • On the table facing upwards, reflecting candles or a centerpiece to create a beautiful illusion of an open table

Narrow hallways

If your house has a tight area with little natural lighting like a long hallway, try hanging a mirror to open the space and reduce feelings of claustrophobia while going through it. This can make a big difference in the overall spaciousness!

Behind the bathroom mirror

While many might not think of this, a mirror placed behind your typical bathroom mirror allows you to see the back of your head and examine yourself in ways you might not be able to otherwise.

Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Wall

The oldest known use of mirrors was about 6,000 years ago, originally consisting of polished obsidian and eventually silver or other metals. However, the mirrors we are familiar with today were invented about 200 years ago, when German chemist Justus von Liebig came up with a way to apply a thin layer of silver to one side of a pane of glass. 

This invention revolutionized the way we see ourselves and the world of fashion, as it allowed for a much closer and more accurate inspection of ourselves than ever before. These modern mirrors took off as a functional staple of every house, as well as a beautiful ornamental piece that people use to enhance and open up their living spaces. Mirrors have come a long way since we first saw our reflection, likely in still pools of water or clay vessels filled with water, and you can use them in exciting and interesting ways to create a more aesthetically pleasing household.

Mental Health Benefits of Mirrors

Mirrors serve more than an aesthetic or reflective function, however. Amazingly, there is scientific evidence that gazing into a mirror actually lowers stress levels and has positive benefits for both humans and some animals, such as horses. Looking into a mirror, especially while repeating positive affirmations, helps you center yourself, boost self-esteem, and find a moment of peace in an increasingly stressful world.

For these reasons, psychological wellness researchers recommend carrying a compact mirror around or finding a bathroom mirror to look into when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. You can bring these same positive benefits into your house today when you find the right decorative mirror for you. Contact an online mirror retailer today and follow the tips and tricks listed here to hang it, and you will find yourself happier, more content, and with a more beautiful and spacious living area. 

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